14 May 2013

NEW BLOG - please update feed!

Hi guys and gals,

in case some of you didn't notice, I deleted this blog about a month ago. I just restored it to leave a link to my new one, so you don't get lost.

In the future, please visit: http://www.dariocoelho.com/wp

I'd like to be more active online again, so expect more work soon! :)
Thanks for watching and greetings from Berlin,


31 May 2012


So let's make it official...

I'll leave the Bigpoint headquarter to join the former Radon Labs team and fully work on Drakensang Online. I'll move to Berlin by the end of June and I'm eager to start rocking with my new colleagues! Berlin has been an interstation for several times over the last years and it feels good to finally settle there, by chance at my beloved Friedrichshain, which is a big plus. :)

I just received a green light for showing some of the work I've done for Bigpoint during the last year, so here's a Drakensang monster concept I've painted some months ago. It's based on a concept by Carlos Ancot, my future concept buddy! If I remember right the task was about bossmonsters, based upon the common creeps. One of the few things I've done remotely for Berlin yet.

And here's another pitch concept I'm able to show. One of the most interesting projects at Bigpoint for me, regardless the uncommon style, but I had great fun designing this character and his pet. A thousand things I'd do different now, still I like his attitude. I think this was one of the first tasks I got when I started here last year.

Not much material so far, but there's more coming soon!

30 May 2012

k.u.k. 1935 Infantry

This started as a quick sketch at work today and I liked the direction, so I spent my knocking-off time to render this fella out. Still quite rough, but so far it serves well for a personal project I've been thinking about and aside from some research and doodles I've done this is the first visual of the world I'll hopefully design more for.

28 May 2012

travels fast...

Another sketch I just "finished". I'd rather call it a try, but I'm ok with moving on. Fun one though!
I'm also adding a gif of the riding lumberjack painting. Thought it may be interesting for you guys.

27 May 2012

Random Doodles

I was working on a personal piece when I got in the mood for a random, mindless speedpainting - just to loosen up a bit. So after an hour - here's what it turned out to be. Exactly what I aimed for. ;)

Oh, and here's the colored version of the last sketch I posted.

05 March 2012

BW Sketch

Here's a BW environment sketch I painted this weekend, working from a thumbnail. I also recorded the session and uploaded it to youtube. :)


23 February 2012

Digital Portrait Painting

Hey folks,

here's a portrait I painted yesterday at a weekly lifepainting session a colleague of mine is hosting at the local art academy. I had about 2 hours and wanted to try out a new screencapture program, so by chance I recorded the whole session which you can see here as a timelapse.

I don't consider myself a good portrait painter, possibly did every mistake I could, so don't take this as a demonstration. I just had fun and thought you guys and girls find it useful. Maybe... :)

(Yes, it's been some months sine I last posted and I'm trying to act like it never happened. But change is coming!)

29 July 2011

Porno Bunny

I was listening to Dog Fashion Disco when painting this, so to those who know the band it may explain the picture. It's quite rough, but I think I'll leave it like that. Unfortunately a lot of my rendered paintings lose a significant amount of freshness. Something I still have to work on...